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A3 Ankle CPM
The A3 CPM device comes with the following features:
• Anatomically correct motion
• Lightweight and compact design accommodates bed or chair use
• Fully adjustable range of motion facilitates inversion/eversion, plantar flexion/dorsiflexion or both
• Orthopedic shoe for comfort & stability
• Rechargeable battery operation
• Reverse-on-load patient safety feature
• Hand-operated patient on/off safety switch

Advanced, compact design makes the A3 ideal for both home and hospital settings. Adjustable soft goods, including an orthopedic shoe, enable patients to customize the fit to ensure both optimum treatment results and superior comfort. A programmable motion controller and a hand-held patient on/off safety switch facilitate ease of operation.

A reverse-on-load safety feature ensures the A3 will reverse the direction of motion should the patient resist motion, or if motion is obstructed.

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