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COVID 19 has changed the way we bring CPM rentals to you.  Unfortunately, we will be suspending in-home setups.  CPM units can be picked up at our offices in Markham, ON.  Setup videos will be provided to assist you through the setup process or you may have your therapist assist you with the setup.   A representative can be arranged to do an in house virtual setup if necessary.  Additional charges may apply.

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) is a post-operative therapeutic modality that passively moves a joint through a prescribed range of motion (ROM) for an extended period of time. Our units provide patients and the professionals who perform the treatment, with superior results. All units should be used as prescribed by your physician.

The benefits of CPM therapy include relative freedom from:

  • Pain during treatment
  • lack of, or reduced complications
  • shorter hospitalization and period of rehabilitation
  • prevention of intra-articular adhesions and extra-articular contractures
  • improved patient compliance with passive and active therapies
  • prevention of joint stiffness
  • maintenance of a range of motion
  • prevention of the negative effects of immobilization.

Why choose Remington Medical for your CPM Rental?

  • We have therapists on staff to answer all your questions and concerns
  • Our units are cleaned, disinfected and shipped with new softgoods; ensuring they are 100% hygienic for each patient
  • Service issues are addressed promptly
  • Units are on stand-by for your immediate needs
  • We provide set-up by trained professionals at the hospital or at your home (extra charges may be applicable). Call us to find out if we have a sales representative in your area!

Remington’s CPM Devices

Complete with a patient kit (VHB pad kit, finger clips, attachment tape), batteries and power supply.
Softgoods charged on the first invoice only.

Complete with Actuator (wrist machine), carrying case and batteries.
Softgoods charged on first invoice only.

Complete with CPM actuator, carrying case, rechargeable battery pack, power supply and controller.
Softgoods charged on first invoice only.

Complete with stand and carrying case.
Softgoods charged on first invoice only.

Complete with patient controller, power supply and instruction manual.

Complete with motion controller, battery charger, battery pack and instruction manual.

Remington Medical offers a state-of-the-art program with cost-effective and highly efficient solutions for all of your upper or lower CPM needs. We can customize a program to suit your hospital or clinic needs. Private patients can rent a CPM directly from Remington by contacting our CPM rental division at 1-800-267-5822 ext. 234. All CPM units are thoroughly tested, cleaned and disinfected. Only new soft goods are used. Wherever a Remington customer service representative is located, we offer in-hospital or at-home setup* (Please note: extra charges may be applicable). We are competitively priced for the level of service and quality of the product we rent. Renting a CPM is as easy as 1-2-3! *We generally require 1 weeks notice to schedule your CPM setup.


Please have the following information ready when renting a CPM
  1. Full contact info (Name, Address, Phone number)
  2. Unit Model required
  3. Hospital, Surgeon’s name, Date of Surgery, and length of rental
  4. Physician or Therapist prescription
  5. Method of payment (If WSIB claim, WSIB number required) Note: Remington Medical can provide quotes or equipment information to your insurance company.
  1. You MUST contact Annina at Remington Medical’s CPM Rental Division at 1-800-267-5822 ext. 234 or email  to confirm that the rental has been completed. Charges will continue until our office has been notified.
  2. Units may be dropped off at our Markham office 

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