E3 Elbow CPM

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The E3 Elbow CPM device comes with the following features:

  • The E3 Elbow CPM device comes with the following features:
  • Programmable ROM from 145° to -5° flexion/extension and 80° – 80° pronation/supination
  • Synchronization mode between elbow and forearm
  • Warm up feature
  • Programmable pause
  • Variable settings for speed and force
  • Patient lock-out feature
  • Patient compliance monitor
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Safety feature of reverse on load
  • Synchronized Motion mode

E3 Elbow CPM Device
The E3 CPM device operates at a specified speed between the programmed range of motion extremes and is ideal for immediate postoperative use.

When selected during setup, the warm up feature increases the range of motion from 50% of the programmed settings to the full range of motion setting over 10 cycles. Can be programmed for pause at the end of range of motion. The pause duration can be up to 61 minutes.

The E3 Elbow CPM device has an optional feature that can be selected during setup to sync the programmed range of motion between the elbow and the forearm. This allows programmed extension/flexion to be synchronized with pronation/supination.

As with all the OrthoAgility® CPM devices, the E3 has the reverse on load safety feature and will reverse the direction of motion should the patient resist motion, or if motion is obstructed.

Immediate postoperative management after the following, where indicated:
• Arthrotomy and drainage of acute septic arthritis, providing infection is controlled
• Crushed hand injuries without fractures or dislocations
• Burn injuries
• Stable fractures
• Flexor and extensor tendon tenolysis
• Reconstructive surgery of bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments
• Prolonged joint immobilization