ORFIT® Colours Sticky / Uncoated


Black 2.0mm sticky/uncoated Orfit is now available.  Great for short opponens orthoses or where you need to join pieces of thermoplastics for a permanent,  bond. i.e. outriggers, adhering velcro to thermoplastics.

Options Quantity
Orfit® Clrs – Sticky / Uncoated Micro-Perf Black - 1/12" (2.0 Mm), 18 X 24" (45 X 60 Cm), C/S Of 1


If you wanted an uncoated version of the popular ORFIT® COLORS NS you’re in luck!  The ORFIT Sticky thermoplastic orthotic fabrication material is a unique black micro-perforated material that offers unlimited potential for fabrication of very small to very large orthoses.

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