Handpieces & Accessories

Put your trust in Remington Medical to always supply the most up to date Storz Medical accessories for your shockwave therapy practice. We provide new equipment and offer servicing for all Storz Medical handpieces, including the revolutionary Radial (Falcon) Handpiece compatible with SD1 Ultra Radial, D-Actor Ultra 100, D-Actor Ultra 200, MasterPuls 50, MasterPuls 100, and MasterPuls 200 devices. Additionally, we offer the Storz Focus Shockwave (Sepia) handpiece for SD1 Ultra & SD1 T-top Shockwave systems, as well as the Sparrow handpiece specifically designed for the MasterPuls One unit. To further enhance your shockwave therapy treatments, we supply a range of accessories such as the V-Actor (vibration therapy add-on), Vacu-vactor cupping attachments, Storz Medical Tablets, and transport cases.

As the exclusive Storz service department in Canada, Remington Medical takes pride in offering in-house servicing for all Storz Medical units, handpieces, and accessories. You can trust our expert technicians to provide prompt and reliable maintenance, ensuring that your equipment operates at its best.

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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