Interferential (IFC) & Direct Current Devices

Remington Medical is the Canadian pioneers in electrotherapy devices. For over 30 years Remington Medical has been partnered with Gymna (formally known as Gymnna|Uniphy) and together, helped introduce the concept of direct current into rehabilitation practices across Canada. We continue to invest our efforts in providing the absolute best electrotherapy products available.

This is where we introduce our newest product – The Neubie by Neufit. Made in the United States, the Neubie provides ground breaking technology that takes direct current one step further, tapping into Neuromuscular reeducation through active treatments! Learn more here !

Gymna is backed by Canadian Therapists to have the most reliable and effective IFC device on the market – the Gymna Duo 200  and Combi 200. IFC treatment,  send high-frequency electrical pulses through the skin into the underlying tissue. The current stimulates the muscles, causing them to relax. Tension and inflammation subside, relieving pain. Blood flow to the area increases, speeding healing.

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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