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After decades in the electrotherapy business, we spent 4 years designing the best electrodes on the Canadian market, and we can prove it. Remington Medical has invested in industry standard testing equipment used by electrode manufacturers around the world.
The results are in: Remarkable Electrodes are simply, better. We can test your current electrode against our Remarkable one and provide you with the results – we dare you to compare.
  • Remarkable Electrodes allows the use of lower amplitudes compared to other electrodes providing a more comfortable and safer treatment. 
  • Remarkable Silver Foil Technology ensures the lowest impedance electrode in Canada, which delivers clean currents comfortably and safely with edge to edge coverage.
  • Our proprietary hydrogel allows for increased applications saving you money. Most importantly, it allows for a more precise application increasing performance and patient comfort.
  • We provide you with the best possible price right up front for any quantity level

“If you own a IFC machine or any machine with use of electrode pads, then you need to purchase the Remarkable Veristim Premium pads. They have a high conductivity compared to other options available. These pads evenly distribute the current. The strong adhesion means the pads stick well, but don’t leave any residue.

With excellent adhesive properties, many patients find that these electrodes retain their stickiness longer than other pads. As a health care practitioner, I find that these pads last a very long time and the intensity of the machine doesn’t need to be increased compared with other pads”

Dr. Payam Pirnia, BSc., D.C. | Healing Touch Chiropractic and Wellness. Vaughn, Ontario

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How do therapeutic electrodes work?
Therapeutic electrodes serve as conductive pads that transmit electrical impulses from the TENS, NMES, or IFC device to the body. They are placed on the skin near the target area. The electrical currents delivered through the electrodes stimulate nerves and muscles, helping to alleviate pain, promote muscle contractions, and improve overall function.
Why is it important to use low impedance electrodes?
Treating with a low impedance electrode for TENS and NMES ensures optimal current delivery, enhances electrical conduction, reduces discomfort and irritation, and extends the electrode’s lifespan. Using high-quality, low impedance electrodes is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness and safety of electrical stimulation therapies.
Do Remarkable Electrodes reduce discomfort ?
Low impedance electrodes help distribute the electrical current more evenly across the electrode surface, preventing hotspots or areas of concentrated current. This even distribution minimizes the risk of discomfort, skin irritation, or burns that may occur when using high impedance electrodes.
Are Remarkable Electrodes compatible with all TENS Devices?
Yes, standard lead wires will all fit the Remarkable electrode.
How do I extended the life of my electrodes?
Moisture management For electrodes please remember, pads like to be sealed as they can dry off in 2 weeks time of careless storage. If too dry and come off the skin – drop a bit of water on the jelly surface and allow the gel to absorb it. The gel used to dry off and become less sticky. On the other hand, after sweat absorption gel becomes bulky and falls out from skin. The sensible moisture management can considerably increase the life of your typical hydro-gel pads for TENS/NMS/EMG. Avoid fat surfaces Try to avoid grease on skin: any fat residue such as creams, oily skin should be cleaned with alcohol-based wipes or baby wipes. Remember that fat residue permanently decreases the skin pads adhesion to skin.
Can Remarkable electrodes be used with EMG devices like the Myoplus 2 Pro?
Yes, Remarkable Electrodes can be used with EMG devices.
Are there different types of therapeutic electrodes?
Yes, there are different types of therapeutic electrodes available. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Common electrode options include reusable self-adhesive electrodes, pre-gelled electrodes, and carbon film electrodes. The choice of electrode depends on the specific application and individual preference.
Can therapeutic electrodes cause skin irritation?
Remarkable electrodes evenly distribute the current so this minimizes any chance of any “hotspot” build up. In some cases, individuals may experience mild skin irritation or allergic reactions to therapeutic electrodes. It’s advisable to perform a patch test on a small area of skin before using new electrodes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional for alternative options.

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