Remarkable™ VERISTIM Premium Electrodes


Remarkable Electrodes are the last connection with the body; be sure that it is a Remarkable One. 

Changing the way you think about electrodes.

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Remarkable™ VERISTIM Premium Electrodes

Electrodes are the last connection point to the body.  Ensure the last connection is a Remarkable One.  The best electrodes in Canada and we can prove it! 

After decades in the electrotherapy business, we spent 4 years designing the best electrodes on the Canadian market, and we can prove it.  Remington Medical has invested in industry standard testing equipment used by electrode manufacturers around the world The results are in.  Remarkable Electrodes are simply, better.   We can test your current electrode against our Remarkable one and provide you with the results.

  • Remarkable Premium Hydrogel allows our premium gel to retain moisture during use and storage.  This results in a solid and comfortable adhesion that easily conforms to skin surfaces. Our proprietary hydrogel allows for increased applications saving you money.  Most importantly, it allows for a more precise application increasing performance and patient comfort.
  • Silver Foil Technology ensures that clean currents are delivered comfortably and with precision during each treatment with the lowest impedance electrode on the Canadian market.
  • Edge to Edge Coverage.  A uniform and consistent electrode will lower the risk of any producing hot spots or redness. In extreme cases lower quality electrode can produce burns,
  • Remarkable Electrodes allow for you to use a lower amplitude compared to other electrodes achieving the same effect giving patients a more comfortable and safer treatment.
  • Remarkable Electrodes are high quality, durable, and can withstand wear and tear. Poorer quality electrodes tend to delaminate and lead wires can detach even with the slightest pull on the wire.
  • Remarkable Electrodes use a standard 0.80” (2mm) female connection that fit the industry standard lead wires for your device.
  • Blue Easy Grip. The Remarkable grip design allows for people that have reduced dexterity to attach and detach lead wires with ease.



If you own a IFC machine or any machine with use of electrode pads, then you need to purchase the Remarkable Veristim Premium pads. They have a high conductivity compared to other options available. These pads evenly distribute the current. The strong adhesion means the pads stick well, but don’t leave any residue.

With excellent adhesive properties, many patients find that these electrodes retain their stickiness longer than other pads.

As a health care practitioner, I find that these pads last a very long time and the intensity of the machine doesn’t need to be increased compared with other pads.

Dr. Payam Pirnia, BSc., D.C.

Healing Touch Chiropractic – Vaughn, Ontario

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