PS1 Forearm Pro/Sup CPM

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PS1 Pronation / Supination CPM
The leading portable forearm device features include:
• Full range of motion (0° – 90° pronation and supination)
• Unique anatomically correct motion for patient safety
• Two force settings for customized treatment
• Easy to operate
• Fully ambulatory and portable, battery operated
• Durable, lightweight design
• Reverse-on-load patient safety feature

The PS1 Forearm Pronation / Supination CPM is a portable device for delivering the proven benefits of CPM treatment to the forearm. Continuous passive motion has demonstrated over the years its ability to help patients regain postoperative range of motion and avoid the negative effects of immobilization. By gently moving the forearm through a controlled pronation/supination range of motion, the PS1 can effectively help prevent postoperative stiffness of the distal and proximal radial-ulnar joints and the soft tissue connecting the radius and ulna.

Range of motion is adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees of pronation/supination. A torque isolating feature ensures anatomically correct motion over the entire range of motion which will reduce increased stress on the joints and increases patient comfort. The safety feature of two reverse-on-load force setting options allow the force of motion to be customized for optimum treatment results.

Do not use the device if any of the following are present: untreated or uncontrolled infection, unstable fractures or hemorrhaging.

Immediate postoperative management after the following, where indicated:
• Distal radius fractures (when stable)
• Fractures of the radius and ulna
• Fractures of the radial head
• Fractures associated with the humerous and ulna
• Surgical reduction or excision to treat radio-ulnar synostosis
• Disruption of carpal and radio-ulnar joints