Treatment Tables

In rehab centres and clinics one of the most important pieces of equipment is the treatment table. A high quality table brings patient confidence, performance without compromise, longevity and a boosted aesthetic adding value to both you and your clinic. These are the reasons why Remington Medical has strived to source the best quality tables from around the globe for 30+ years.

Hand picking tables with the highest quality components including hospital grade upholstery, name-brand hydraulics and motor mechanisms, and customizable features (upon request) is our speciality.  Our certified trained sales team at Remington Medical will help you choose the table that will best fit your budget and clinical practice, providing expert advice and training.

Our Treatment tables include physiotherapy tables from Lojer in Finland, including the flagship Manuthera 242, FX, F, M and tilt table models. Remington also offers unique and niche style table from Novak Slovenia including the S-line and C-Line , setting you apart from your competition!  We also offer economy lines that are in the sub $2000 range, including the Signature3S.

Request a quote on the table of your choice and we will get back to you with all the information your need.

Serving Canadians for over 35 Years

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