Rolyan San-Splint Thermoplastic Splinting Material

  • Outstanding resistance to stretching and minimal conformability
  • Robust and rigid splint, ideal for medium and large uses
  • Limited memory of prior shapes, but can be reheated and adjusted
  • Non-toxic, latex-free, and radiolucent properties
Product Details

Key Material Advantages

The San-Split Rolyan Thermoplastic Splinting Material boasts a foundation with exceptional resistance to stretching, offering the lowest level of conformability among all Rolyan splints. This unique thermoplastic splint material can be easily heated using a hot water splint bath or a hot air oven. Although the San-Splint is malleable and can be reheated and reshaped, it should be noted that repeated reheating may result in a loss of its original rigidity.

Customizable Splinting Material for a Tailored Fit

Its high resistance to stretching makes it particularly well-suited for crafting medium and large splints. The splinting sheet remains unyielding unless deliberately manipulated and held in position until it cools, making it exceptionally manageable when working with larger, heated material sections.

It maintains its shape and does not deform upon removal from the splint bath. While its uncoated surface resists bonding when heated in water, it forms a permanent bond when its edges are heated, dried, and fused together. It’s important to emphasize that adjustments to San-Splint material should exclusively be carried out by healthcare professionals.

Physical Characteristics

The Rolyan rigid splint material is available in either white or beige and comes with options for 1%, 2.5%, and solid perforations. The thermoplastic sheets are 1/8″ (3.2 mm) thick and exhibit a moderate to maximum rigidity of 65.6 kpsi*, as measured by Young’s Modulus testing.

Standard Accessories
Technical Specs

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