Treating Jumpers Knee (Patellar Tendinopathy) with Shockwave Therapy

Treating Jumpers Knee (Patellar Tendinopathy) with Shockwave Therapy


Jumper’s knee, medically known as patellar tendinopathy, is a prevalent overuse injury affecting athletes world-wide. Numerous physiotherapists, doctors, and trainers often find themselves addressing jumper’s knee daily at their clinic. Indeed, the term “jumper’s knee” is somewhat misleading, as its impact extends beyond jumping alone. Patellar tendinopathy leads to pain, reduced athletic performance, and prolonged recovery periods which can be highly inconvenience, especially for those in high performance sports. We will delve into the prevalence of jumper’s knee among athletes and explore the promising role of Shockwave Therapy as an effective solution for treating this challenging condition.

A cross-sectional study conducted by Oystein B Lian, Lars Engebretsen, and Roald Bahr explored the prevalence of jumper’s knee among elite athletes from various sports. The study involved a comprehensive examination of athletes and their medical records to ascertain the incidence of patellar tendinopathy. The study found that the overall prevalence of current jumper’s knee among athletes was 14.2% (87 out of 613 athletes). The prevalence varied significantly between sports with different performance characteristics, ranging from 0% to 45%. Additionally, 8% of athletes reported previous symptoms. Volleyball and basketball had the highest prevalence of current symptoms (44.6% and 31.9%, respectively), while cycling and orienteering had no reported cases. The prevalence of jumper’s knee is higher in sports that require significant demands on speed and power for the leg extensors. The symptoms of jumper’s knee can be severe, leading to long-lasting impairment of athletic performance. The high prevalence underscored the significance of finding effective treatment strategies to aid athletes in their recovery and return to peak performance.

A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine investigated the immediate effects of a single session of shockwave therapy on jumper’s knee, aiming to determine if it could enhance tendon stiffness and alleviate pain. The research involved thirty-four athletes diagnosed with jumper’s knee, who were randomly divided into two groups. One group received actual shockwave therapy, while the other received a sham treatment.

To assess the outcomes, the researchers utilized supersonic shear imaging to measure tissue stiffness and a visual analogue scale to quantify pain intensity. The results indicated a notable reduction of nearly 30 percent in tissue stiffness and pain in the group that received shockwave therapy, whereas no significant changes were observed in the sham group. Based on these findings, the researchers concluded that even just one session of shockwave therapy can significantly improve the symptoms of jumper’s knee.

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