Storz Medical Duolith® SD1 Ultra Combined RSW & FSW

Storz Medical's Flagship Shockwave Device

Introducing the most versatile modular shockwave that seamlessly integrates four cutting-edge technologies: Radial pressure wave therapy, focused shockwave therapy (ESWT), vibration and vacuum therapies. This is the perfect unit for clinics who want to maximize the potential of shockwave therapy. By harnessing the true power of combination therapy, you can revolutionize the way you approach shockwave therapy and take your practice to new heights.

With the Duolith SD1 Ultra, you have the freedom to choose between radial, focus or both in order to better suit your clinic’s specific needs. Start off with the modality that best aligns with your practice, and as your clinic grows, easily expand your capabilities by adding on the complementary shockwave module. This modular system ensures that you invest wisely, optimizing your resources while still delivering exceptional patient care.

Built to meet the rigorous demands of high-volume practices, this state-of-the-art system ensures reliability, durability, and exceptional performance. You can count on the Duolith SD1 Ultra to deliver consistent results, even in the most challenging clinical settings.

Duolith SD1 Radial Shockwave Module

Introducing the Storz SD1 Radial Shockwave, available exclusively through Remington Medical. This advanced device revolutionizes radial shockwave therapy, offering a non-invasive and highly effective solution for a wide range of Musculoskeletal, Urological and Aesthetic conditions. With its cutting-edge technology and superior performance, the Storz SD1 Radial Shockwave provides precise and powerful treatments with an intensity of up to 5 bars. With its built in compressor, practitioners will never have to worry about cool-down time between patients. 

The Storz SD1 Radial Shockwave offers a convenient and user-friendly operation through its optional control module or tablet. With this feature, healthcare practitioners can easily access and control all functions of the device, providing a seamless treatment experience. In addition, the Falcon handpiece enhances the versatility of the device by allowing practitioners to adjust treatment parameters while actively treating the patient. This real-time adjustment capability empowers practitioners to tailor the therapy to the specific needs of each patient, ensuring optimal outcomes.

General data

  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
    590 x 1261 x 660 mm
  • Weight (including trolley): 59 kg
  • Compressor, integrated
  • 15.6” touch screen

Radial module

    • Pressure: max. 5 bar, frequency: 1 – 21 Hz
    • V-ACTOR® handpiece (optional): 1 – 50 Hz
    • VACU-ACTOR® technology (optional)

The Falcon™ Radial Handpiece

The high-performance »FALCON« R-SW handpiece allows the radial module to be operated also independently of the control unit. All treatment parameters such as pressure, frequency, contact pressure and number of shocks can be uniquely entered and retrieved via the operating panel of the handpiece display. The »Skin Touch« sensor integrated into the »FALCON« handpiece serves for starting or stopping the triggering of pulses directly at the patient by pressing slightly on the skin.

Duolith SD1 Focus Shockwave Module

Discover the clinically proven and highly effective Duolith SD1 Ultra Focus Shockwave device. This remarkable therapy provides fast pain relief and restores mobility without invasive procedures. The Duolith SD1 Focus Shockwave utilizes shockwave therapy to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. By delivering high-energy shockwaves to the affected tissue, it triggers a cascade of biological responses that lead to accelerated tissue repair and cell growth. This innovative treatment modality is particularly effective in addressing chronic tendinopathies, urological conditons, calcific tendinitis, trigger points, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

The Duolith SD1 Focus Shockwave is designed with patient comfort and convenience in mind. Its user-friendly interface allows healthcare providers to adjust treatment parameters according to individual needs, ensuring personalized therapy sessions. The device’s ergonomic design and advanced handpiece provide precise targeting and optimal shockwave delivery, further enhancing treatment efficacy.

This device is also offered in a stand alone version: Duolith SD1 Focus T-Top

General data

  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
    590 x 1261 x 660 mm
  • Weight (including trolley): 60 kg
  • 15.6” touch scree
  • Reduced revision time and costs thanks to easy change of coil

Focus module

  • Standard energy range : 0.01 – 0.55  mJ/mm² / 
  • Focal zone depth 0-65mm 

The Sepia™ Focus Handpiece

The SEPIA® handpiece simplifies and streamlines the treatment process, allowing for easy and efficient administration of therapies directly to the patient. The SEPIA® handpiece offers exceptional ergonomics and flexibility, ensuring that treatments can be performed with ease and without fatigue—an essential factor in day-to-day work. Moreover, the convenient replacement of the cylindrical coil saves users valuable time and reduces costs associated with revisions.

Configuration's of the Duolith SD1 Shockwave

THE DUOLITH® SD1 Ultra has the following three configurations: 

Configuration 1 : R-SW + Control

This is the most sought after SD1 combination (Control + RSW) for Orthopedic applications. This device also comes with an optional V-Actor Vibration therapy and Vacu-actor cupping therapy. 

This can also be purchased without a control module as a stand alone unit with a removable tablet. Click Here

Configuration 2 : F-SW + Control

This device is designed for individuals seeking the advantages of a Focus Shockwave or those looking to enhance their current clinic equipped with a Radial Shockwave. This particular setup is commonly found in Urological Practices.

Additionally, you have the choice to acquire a standalone Focus T-Top, which operates independently without the need for a control module. To learn more about this option Click Here

Configuration 3 : R-SW + F-SW + Control

The Flagship model includes all three modules in a all in one portable tower.  All modules are integrated into the control device on top allowing you to easily switch from FSW to RSW with a click of a button. The compressor that is integrated within the tower can withstand back-to-back treatments without any cool-down time like other units on the market. 

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