Storz Medical Duolith® SD1 Ultra Combined RSW & FSW

Remington Medical is the exclusive. Duolith® sd1 distributor for storz in canada.

Combined Shockwave Therapy

Storz Medical, the leaders in shockwave systems have been used in orthopaedic applications since 1992.  Over 10 years ago Remington Medical was first to introduce Storz Medical Shockwaves to the Canadian market and became the trusted name for Sales, Service and Education in Shockwave technology across Canada.  Featuring Storz’s flagship Duolith SD1 Modular shockwave therapy device combining Focus and Radial shockwave with a feature-loaded control module. Remington Medical has a solution for all your Shockwave needs and can tailor the right package for your clinic! 

Combining FSW | RSW

The DUOLITH® SD1 Ultra represents a modular concept that meets the growing demands of busy medical practices. It combines radial and focused shock wave therapies, complementary vibration ( V-actor ) and vacuum therapies all of which can be preformed through one control module! The Duolith® SD1 is not only beneficial to newcomers to the field of extracorporeal shock wave treatment but also to experienced users.


The focused shockwave treats near-surface as well as deep target areas in the body. Focused shockwaves offer a small focal point, and can be used to target very specific areas. This means they treat problems while limiting the damage to skin and underlying soft tissues.

FSW deploys opposing magnetic fields to agitate a submerged membrane, generating a pressure wave within the area without losing any energy in the focused area of tissue.

The »SEPIA« handpiece renders treatment directly at the patient easy and efficient. All the important control elements have been integrated into the hand piece display.

  • Therapeutic effectiveness: up to 125 mm penetration depth
  • Constantly high energy dynamics: 0.01 – 0.55 mJ/mm2 
  • Optional: handpiece with extended energy range for wound healing and pseudoarthrosis treatment: 0.03 – 1.24 mJ/mm


Radial shockwave is designed to offer a larger treatment area compared with focused shockwave therapy, and can be used for a wide range of indications, including many sports injuries, urology and the management of superficial pain relief. It also has aesthetic applications, such as for cellulite. RSW applies energy from outside the body, using a compressor, which means the waves lose intensity the further they travel into the body.

Extended energy range: 0.3 – 5 baref

Configuration's of the Duolith SD1 Shockwave

THE DUOLITH® SD1 Ultra has the following three configurations: 

Configuration 1 : R-SW + Control

  • Radial Shockwave Therapy has become one of the most popular amongst Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Massage therapy clinics. This is the most sought after combination (Control + RSW) for Orthopedic applications.
  • This can also be purchased as a stand alone unit with no Control module.

Configurations 2 : F-SW + Control

  • This unit if for those who just want the benefit of a Focus Shockwave or who are adding this to an existing clinic with a Radial Shockwave. We see this configuration mostly in Urological Practices. If you are interested in learning more about Shockwave in Urology please click here ! 
  • There is also the option to purchase a stand alone Focus T-Top that does not require the control module. Please View Here

Configurations 3 : R-SW + F-SW + Control

  • The Flagship model includes everything listed above, all in one stackable tower.  All modules are integrated into the control device on top allowing you to easily switch from FSW to RSW with a click of a button. The compressor that is integrated within the tower can withstand back-to-back treatments without any cool-down time like other units on the market. 

The Handpieces

The »SEPIA« HandPiece

Renders treatment directly at the patient easy and efficient. All the important control elements have been integrated into the handpiece display.

The ergonomics and flexibility of the hand piece is non-tiring and allows for treatments to be made with ease – an important factor in the day-to-day work!

The easy replacement of the cylindrical coil is another advantage for the user as it saves revision time and costs. 

As an option, a handpiece with extended energy range can be connected to this module for use in dermatology, especially for wound healing, and also for pseudoarthrosis treatment.

The »Falcon« HandPiece 

The high-performance »FALCON« R-SW handpiece allows the radial module to be operated also independently of the control unit. All treatment parameters such as pressure, frequency, contact pressure and number of shocks can be uniquely entered and retrieved via the operating panel of the handpiece display

The »Skin Touch« sensor integrated into the »FALCON« handpiece serves for starting or stopping the triggering of pulses directly at the patient by pressing slightly on the skin.

 The »V-Actor« HandPiece

The V-ACTOR is a vibration therapy that accompanies radial shockwave – We at Remington beleive it is a must have with every Storz RSW device!  It complements Radial pressure wave therapy and contributes to long-lasting treatment results.

Vibration treatment:

Stimulates metabolism and accelerates the elimination of waste products
Tightens tissue through muscular stimulation Improves skin firmness to restore a natural, younger appearance
Offers a relaxing wellness experience


Muscle and connective tissue activation
Body shaping
Lymphatic drainage
Wellness massage

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