Axelgaard UltraStim® Snap Electrodes


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UltraStim® Snap patented current controlling neurostimulation electrodes distribute current as evenly and comfortably as the UltraStim® Wire product line through the use of a snap connector rather than a lead wire. The bottom snap is scientifically chosen to match impedance in the entire system to provide even current distribution across the surface, even with a snap. The proprietary silver grid pattern is specially calculated to precisely control electrical current over the electrode surface, while the border around the grid pattern allows for an intentional current roll off to eliminate edge stinging. Utilizing Axelgaard’s patented multi-layer MultiStick® hydrogel eliminates performance problems associated with electrodes featuring single-layer gels.

  • Recommended for: TENS, NMES, IFC
  • Latex-Free
  • Thickness: 35mm
  • Film with Printed Silver Ink Grid

MultiStick® Hydrogel Technology


Axelgaard’s products are known worldwide for their quality, innovation, and value. With decades of experience and more than fifty-five U.S. and corresponding foreign patents, we manufacture products that are consistently regarded as some of the best in the industry.

MultiStick® hydrogel’s top layer is optimized for bonding to the electrode in order to prevent delamination and the bottom layer is specifically formulated for multiple applications to skin. Our controlled mesh placement provides consistent structural support. This multi-layer approach ensures the creation of high quality electrodes.


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