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Welcome to Remington Medical’s comprehensive selection of Axelgaard electrodes, designed specifically for physiotherapists and healthcare professionals. We understand the importance of high-quality electrodes in your practice, which is why we offer an array of options from Axelgaard to cater to your specific needs.

ValuTrode Cloth Electrodes: Experience exceptional performance and comfort with our ValuTrode Cloth Electrodes. These electrodes are crafted using premium materials and advanced technology to deliver reliable and consistent electrical stimulation. Their soft cloth construction ensures optimal adherence to the skin, facilitating efficient treatment sessions. Trust ValuTrode Cloth Electrodes for outstanding results and patient satisfaction.

ValuTrodeX Cloth Electrodes: Take your electrotherapy sessions to the next level with ValuTrodeX Cloth Electrodes. These electrodes offer all the benefits of ValuTrode Cloth Electrodes, with the added advantage of enhanced durability and longevity. With ValuTrodeX, you can expect extended use without compromising on performance, making them a cost-effective choice for your practice.

Ultrastim Wire Electrodes: For precise and targeted stimulation, our Ultrastim Wire Electrodes are an excellent option. These electrodes feature fine wires that provide exceptional conductivity, ensuring optimal current flow to the desired area. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, Ultrastim Wire Electrodes offer unparalleled accuracy for therapeutic interventions.

Axelgaard Manufacturing has become one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of medical surface electrodes, hydrogels and body fasteners. Axelgaard Manufacturing has provided the industry with innovative products for 25 years that use the correct application of technology. Axelgaarrd electrode products have helped make stimulation therapies more effective and comfortable for the patients.

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