Lojer Speed Pulley

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Options Quantity
Lojer TwinSpeed Pulley 50kg - Encased
Lojer TwinSpeed Pulley 100kg - Encased
Lojer TwinSpeed Pulley 80kg - Encased
Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley 50kg - Encased With Two Handles


Mobile speed pulley is the best option for limited space or when wall-attachment cannot be used. It is also an excellent option for rehabilitation that takes place for example in rehabilitation wards.

The mobile speed pulley features a 50 kg encased weight stack, casters and two ropes with handles. Otherwise the functions are same as with regular Speed Pulleys.

Come with the following accessories:
A Handle (standard for Pulley, Speed Pulley and Mobile Speed Pulley) (R282H834)
• B Padded Ankle/Wrist Band 25*8 cm ((402020)
• C Padded Thigh/Shoulded Band 55*8 cm (402021)
• D Padded Waist Band 100*8 cm (402022)
• E Rotation Band (402025)
• F Support Bar to be Attached to Adjustment Bar (VH8083)
• H Crossbar with cord wheel and cord for SpeedPulley 50 kg (15106T)
• H Crossbar with cord and wheel and cord for SpeedPulley 80 kg or 100 kg (15106)
• 1 Leather/Ankle Wrist Strap (402030)
• 2 Leather Waist Strap, Short (402031)
3 Leather Waist Strap, Long (402032)
• 4 Leather Knee/Shoulder Strap (402033)
• 5 Multi purpose Strap (402034)
• 32*5 Short Ankle Strap (not in picture) (402029)
• J Triceps Handle (13107)
• K Rowing Handle (402024)
• U MTT Training Glove (210050)