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Serving professionals in Montreal, Quebec for over 40 years! 



We source the highest quality Rehabilitation equipment directly from leading global manufacturers.



After sale education from leading brands like Storz Medical, Kinesio University,Orfit, Lojer Medical and More. Remington Medical’s expert staff is also here for support on all equipment and products.



In-house, after sale technical service and support for all your Physiotherapy equipment.



Remington Medical is here for you every step of the way! Whether it be products questions, clinic or sales advice, education, order questions someone is always here to help! 

Your Trusted Source For Physiotherapy Supplies & Equipment

For over 40 years Remington Medical has delivered handpicked items from around the globe to Physio therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and professionals in Montreal and greater Canada. Finding the right physical therapy supplies and equipment can be a daunting task, especially if your practice or clinic is specialized and unique. Remove the stress and frustration from the equation and let our licensed experts and sales representatives provide exactly what you need. It doesn’t end there—Remington Medical will continue to support your Montreal professionals with important after-sale care, education, and service.

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Remington Medical knows what your physical therapy business needs to thrive, which is why we’ve spent four decades serving the clinics and practices throughout Canada. We supply a wide range of supplies and equipment from world leading suppliers, including Storz Medical Shockwave Therapy devices, electrotherapy modalities such as ultrasounds and IFC’s, heat therapy, Class 4 therapy lasers, PEMF and magnetic therapy units, and a large selection of  treatment tables

Whether your Montreal clinic or hospital is general or specialized, Remington Medical has the largest selection of premium equipment and supplies that you need to service your patients and improve their quality of life

The Best Physiotherapy Supplies In Montreal

For more than three decades, Remington Medical has served rehabilitation practices, hospitals and clinics throughout Montreal. Our base of operations is located in Markham, Ontario, however through trusted couriers and anglophone representatives we are able to provide our services wherever they are needed throughout Canada. Our experienced customer service and sales staff coordinate deliveries, source the best equipment and supplies and strategically work directly with the customer to find the best solution possible. Remington Medical also provides sales management and advice for every single piece of equipment we deliver, without frustration or hassle.

Our staff is quick to respond with same-day quote requests, and we will arrange for one of our trained specialists to either come to your clinic or practice or arrange an online consultation / inservice. All of our in-house services feature quick response times so that you’re never waiting for that important repair or necessary Physiotherapy item.

Improving Lives And Practices With Remington Medical

We offer a top selection of premium Physiotherapy tables to Montreal and beyond. Our Physio tables are sourced from the best table manufacturers around the globe, such as Lojer from Finland and Novak from Slovenia. Remington Medical has spent the last three decades looking for world leaders in the industry, and we provide the most sought-after lines to our clients such as the Novak S Line, Novak C Line, and Lojer Fx & F Series.

Physiotherapy tables are one of the most utilized pieces of equipment in any clinical setting, and your Physiotherapy table might even be the lifeblood of your practice. These tables take daily wear and tear from trained therapists while maintaining their important structural integrity. The Physiotherapy tables provided by Remington Medical are handpicked for their innovation, comfort, useability, and longevity. We provide you with over 100 years of Physiotherapy innovation from across the globe.

With over 35 years in the business, we have the most experience in Montreal selling tables directly to clinics, practices, homes, hospitals, and institutions. We stress the importance of purchasing a high-quality table that will last the lifetime of your clinic, and our certified sales representatives can help you find the right Physiotherapy table that has the aesthetics and assurance to put your patients at ease. Reach out to us today to get immediate feedback on any Physio table quote.

Montreal’s Paramount Physiotherapy Supply Innovator

Remington Medical can upgrade your clinic or practice with a number of Physiotherapy tables such as the Lojer Capre FX5 Treatment Table, Novak S8 Osteopathy Table, or Chattanooga Montane Atlas 3-Section Treatment Table. We also know that your Physiotherapy business has many parts and pieces that make it work, and our sales representatives are your chief point of contact for better supplies.

We have a number of products available for exercise, fitness, and rehabilitation. If your Physiotherapy clinic includes a gym, or your practice has a training studio, there are a number of supplies that can greatly enhance your business. Buying any single piece of equipment can be a major investment, and Remington Medical has adapted its knowledge toward high-quality yet affordable rehab equipment. Canada is implementing increasingly healthier lifestyles, and healthcare professionals are stressing the importance of physical therapy, training, and exercise. If your clinic or practice is trying to compete with the uptick in healthy trends, you’ll need the equipment that matters to your patients and clients.

We provide Montreal with a wide range of unique cardio and fitness equipment that can help in rehabilitation, circulatory system improvement, general health, and physical therapy. We have a number of popular brands such as Exxenetric and Lojer, and physical therapy items such as treadmills, bikes, and pulleys for resistance training and therapy. We also supply ultrasound units, therapeutic equipment, heat therapy and hydroculators, personal fitness equipment, deep oscillation, nerve stimulation devices, and more.

What’s Better For Your Physiotherapy Business

Busy clinics and practices depend on more than products and equipment alone. Remington Medical services Montreal and Canada with after-sales service, equipment support, repair, and more. Located in Markham, Ontario, our primary organization location sends out frontline in-person support for your clinic or practice. Our service engineers and sales representatives have been trained directly by the manufacturers, and can greatly extend the life of all the products you purchase.

If you need any product information at any time, our support team is here for you and we are always quick to respond. Whether you’re looking for a direct quote or same-day repair, simply reach out via any of our service channels. Remington Medical wants to ensure that your business operates as smoothly as possible and that all the equipment we deliver works for you and your patients. From sales to instrument repair, there’s no one better in Montreal.

Serving Canadians for over 35 Years

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