Novak Therapy Tables

Massage, therapy and treatment tables are designed based on years of experience. The tables impress with the ergonomic construction, innovative solutions and awarded design. Exceptional stability and functionality ensure that practitioners can carry out their work efficiently, while the patients enjoy perfect comfort.

Therapy tables are designed to cater to all needs and meet the requirements of even the most complex therapies. Therapy table S3 is a three-section table for treatments that demand using a Jackknife or Trendelenburg position. When you need to adjust the table’s sections electrically with a hand switch, the perfect choice would be the Therapy table S4. With innovative solutions, the table offers support when positioning heavier patients thus protecting the health of the personnel.

Therapy table S8 is a fully equipped table. Standardly, it includes a three-part head section for full relaxation of the neck, back and shoulder girdle, and sturdier foldable side wings on the back section.

Serving Canadians for over 35 Years

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