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Novak Massage, Therapy, and Treatment Tables are the result of years of expertise, boasting ergonomic designs, innovative features, and award-winning aesthetics. Made in Slovenia, these tables are a testament to their exceptional stability and functionality, enabling practitioners to perform their treatments with utmost efficiency while ensuring patients’ perfect comfort and safety.

Novak Therapy Tables have been meticulously designed to cater to diverse needs, meeting the demands of even the most intricate therapies. The Novak S3 standard electric Hi-Lo Treatment Table, for instance, is a three-section table specially crafted for treatments that require the Jackknife or Trendelenburg positions. If you seek effortless section adjustments via an electric hand switch, the Therapy Table S4 is your ideal choice. Its cutting-edge design provides invaluable support when positioning heavier patients, safeguarding the well-being of your healthcare personnel.

Novak’s flagship model, the S8 Treatment Table, is a fully equipped masterpiece. It features a three-part head section that offers complete relaxation for the neck, back, and shoulder girdle. Additionally, the sturdier foldable side wings on the back section make it the perfect choice for multidisciplinary clinics looking to optimize their treatment capabilities.

Novak is dedicated to sustainability in its treatment tables. When you invest in a Novak treatment table, you can have peace of mind knowing that our manufacturing process is eco-conscious and forward-thinking. Approximately 80% of the materials used in our tables are recyclable. The tables, along with other medical devices like stretchers and therapy chairs, are designed to provide a stable and secure platform for patients, with their primary construction crafted from entirely recyclable steel.

Remington Medical is the proud, exclusive distributor of Novak treatment tables in Canada, contact our treatment table experts through the product quote forms today to find the perfect fit for you clinic.

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