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Handy Gym is a revolutionary flywheel device designed for professional training. It is small and lightweight, so you can keep performing your exercises whenever you want and wherever you want. Its inertial technology allows an efficient eccentric training, recommended for elite athletes, physiotherapist and personal trainers, in all muscle groups leading into better and higher quality results without lifting weights.


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The Schematic

Handy Gym is a patented inertial training device, the technology is based on the same physical principal that makes a yo-yo turn back once its rope is totally unrolled.

Using Handy Gym for training is very effective. The spins of two removable discs generate a resistance of up to 220 Lbs., fixed on a horizontal metal axle that generates the internal spin of the conic pulley. The main body is made by high quality and high resistance plastic material.

Handy Gym is safe to use, you won’t need to worry about accidents. It is made with a safety button to its handle, to one of the anchoring systems included or to the portable platform for squats. The pulling rope is regulated through a patented rope regulator and counts with a safety spacer to reduce accidental impacts on the machine.

All you have to do is get Handy Gym and train in a safe and effective manner.

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Inertial technology applied to training allows the best eccentric training. But what is eccentric training and why is it so profitable? First, resistance training and generally every weightlifting exercise, involves two types of movements, concentric and eccentric. Concentric movement is when the muscle shortens while producing force (contracting the muscle). This happens when you are raising the weight during a biceps curl, for example. Eccentric movement is when the muscle lengthens while producing force. For example, when you are lowering the weight back down during a biceps curl. Both movements are said to lead to increased hypertrophy and muscle mass, however lots of studies have been made on benefits of eccentric training and evidence suggests that eccentric training promotes muscle mass more than concentric.


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Handy Gym works through two inertial discs which are capable of converting their turn in strength of resistance.

The secret is that the cone of this machine and the special epicyclic gear multiply 13,5 times the speed of the axis and reduce the disc mass 182,25 times and in consequence the weight of all the machine.

In terms of training and/or recovery efficiency the inertial technology is the top option thanks to its capability to offer an incredible concentric training, but also a very important eccentric training.


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The Disc is an essential part of Handy Gym because without it there would be no resistance. The resistance levels applied to the training session depend on the inertia level of the discs that are chosen, and also on how fast and strong an exercise is. All the discs are extremely light and the exercise is not about lifting that weight.