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Due to new 2020 healthcare regulations, Health Canada has suspended the license requirements for APS needles in Canada. APS is working diligently to comply with the new MDSAP regulations. APS needles can not be sold anywhere by any vendor in Canada.


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Product Details

Until now professional physiotherapists did not have a needle specifically designed for the practice of dry needling.

They had to use acupuncture needles that obviously had been designed for other purposes

APS Needles are designed specifically for DRY NEEDLING in collaboration with Professor Orlando Mayoral (PT)

President of the International Myopain Society, Honorary Chairman of the Spanish Association of Myofascial pain and Dry needling. Director of Travell & Simons ® Seminars, According to Dr.David G. Simons, “Orlando Mayoral has been and remains an outstanding pioneer, leader and teacher in this complex field of myofascial trigger


Headless needle for precision when inserting
Thicker and stiffer handle to improve handling and control
High strength surgical stainless steel for greater strenth to the needle allowing for multiple insertions
Special conical shape for dry needling to improve needle penetration and handling
Triple lubricant coating maintains lubrication during insertion and reduces pain during insertion
The triple polishing process removes the surface irregularities allowing for smooth painless needles
Needles with safety tubes have a double tube design allowing for safe handling and positioning of longer needles

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