Aqua Gymstick


Options Quantity
Gymstick Aqua Green / Light Resistance
Gymstick Aqua, Strong, Black
Gymstick™ Aqua, Medium, Blue
Gymstick Aqua Silver Extra Strong Resistance

Gymstick Aqua
The Aqua Gymstick is an adaptation of the Gymstick and this innovative aquatic tool challenges both muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Stationary, propulsive and travelling exercises in the water can all utilize the added resistance of the bands. Another clever feature of the Aqua Gymstick is the ability to ‘roll’ up the bands, thus creating greater tension.

This is ideal for catering for different strength and fitness levels, especially in an aqua exercise format.

• Light/Green. For aqua group training, rehabilitation and the elderly. The resistance ranges from 2 to 22 lbs. (1 to 10 kg).

• Medium/Blue. For aqua group training and women. The resistance ranges from 2 to 33 lbs. (1 to 15 kg).

• Strong/Black. For aqua group training, fit women and men who want to start exercising. The resistance ranges from 2 to 44 lbs. (1 to 20 kg).

• Extra Strong/Silver. For extreme fit men, women and athletes. The resistance ranges from 2 to 55 lbs. (1 to 25 kg).