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Item #:RM-80-ABS90

Item #: RM-80-ABS90

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Product Details

The BTrackS™ Balance Plate is affordable, portable force plate technology that uses highly accurate sensors to determine the centre of pressure and postural sway of an individual during standing. BTrackS™ software is user-friendly and easy to install on your existing PC, laptop or tablet computer. Software upgrades occur regularly, including both performance enhancements and new features driven by existing user feedback. BTracks provides the most time-efficient way to test postural sway and fall risk  data based on normative age/sex data.

The BTrackS Advanced Balance System

The BTrackS Assess Balance System gives health professionals an all-in-one solution to assess and train balance by administering computerized protocols with gold-standard force plate technology. BTrackS is used for balance assessment, fall risk analysis, balance improvement programs, concussion management, Medicare wellness, chiropractic care, physical therapy, vision therapy and balance research. Protocols are easy to administer and results include comparisons to normative data where possible. Since being introduced in 2014, BTrackS has set a new standard for accurate, reliable and affordable balance testing and training. The Assess Balance System is lightweight and portable and does not require AC Power or Internet Connectivity to operate.

This system includes the following:

  • BTrackS™ Balance Plate with 2-year warranty
  • Foam Pad
  • BTrackS™ Assess Balance Advanced Software with all 12 available protocols:
    – Balance and Fall Risk Testing
    – Weight Distribution Testing
    – CTSIB Testing
    – Limits of Stability Testing
    – Cervical Challenge Testing
    – Single Leg Stance Testing (NEW)
    – Custom Design Testing (NEW)
    – Left/Right Targets Training
    – Front/Back Targets Training
    – Diagonal Targets Training
    – Random Targets Training
    – Target Tracking Training

Applications and Uses

  • Older Adult Fall Risk AssessmentNormative Balance Screening
  • Vestibular Disorder Evaluation
  • Biofeedback-based Balance Training
  • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation
  • Weight Distribution Asymmetries
  • Neuropathy Balance Disruption
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Orthopedic Evaluation

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Standard Accessories
Technical Specs
  • Dimensions: 15.5″ x 23.5″ x 2.5″
  • Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Temperature Range: 32-130° F
  • Power: 5V USB
  • Adjustable Legs: 1/2″ range
  • Handle: Built-in
  • Warranty: BTrackS Balance Plate with a 2-year warranty
  • License: Lifetime software license with no per test charges, free support and upgrades
Documents / Videos

Documents, Brochures and Reports




  A point of application study to determine the accuracy, precision and reliability of a low-cost balance plate for center of pressure measurement

 Validating the BTrackS Balance Plate as a low cost alternative for the measurement of sway-induced center of pressure

Levelling the playing field- Evaluation of a portable instrument for quantifying balance performance

 The BTrackSTM Balance Test is a Valid Predictor of Older Adult Falling

 Combination of BTrackS and Geri-Fit as a targeted approach for assessing and reducing the postural sway of older adults with high fall risk

 BTrackS- A Low-Cost, Portable Force Plate for Objectively Measuring Balance Deficits and Fall Risk

Normative Data for the BTrackS Balance Test of Postural Sway- Results from 16,357 CommunityDwelling Individuals Who Were 5 to 100 Years Old

Postural sway normative data across the adult lifespan- Results from 6280 individuals on the Balance Tracking System balance test


Normative Data for the BTrackS Balance Test Concussion-Management Tool- Results From 10 045 Athletes Aged 8 to 21 Years

Effects of Fatigue on the BTrackS Balance Test for Concussion Management

BTrackS Balance Test for Concussion Management is Resistant to Practice Effects

  Expanded normative data for the balance tracking system modified clinical test of sensory integration and balance protocol

 BTrackS limits of stability test is a reliable assessment of volitional dynamic postural control

Test–Retest Reliability of the Balance Tracking System Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance Protocol Across Multiple Time Durations




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