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The Bamboo Brace is a dynamic elbow splint for children with special needs that assists them by aligning the elbow at more favorable angles in order to learn gross and fine motor skills. Each brace is sold with 5 flexible and interchangeable support stays of varying resistance and The Early Gradeschool brace (M) fits children as young as 3.5 years and as old as about 8-9 years.

As a rehabilitation tool for physical and occupational therapy, the Early Gradeschool (M) single brace is excellent for both cases of spasticity (i.e. hemiplegia cerebral palsy, stroke) and weakness (i.e. brachial plexus injury BPI, head injury, and trauma). In both situations, the dynamic re-alignment of the elbow assists children in gaining strength and control of key joints and musculature that are critical to the development of gross and fine motor skills. If your child is a participant in Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) and Bimanual Training (BT) The Bamboo Brace is also an outstanding adjunct to both therapeutic approaches.

If you are looking for flexible yet effective deterrent for older preschoolers and early grade school aged children who are bringing their hands to mouth in unwanted fashion for situations such as Rett syndrome, autism, and cleft lip and palate consider purchasing a pair of braces.


Early Gradeschool (M) Age Range: About 4 years  8-9 Years

Early Gradeschool (M) Specs: 7.25″ long x 10.25″ in girth (wrap-around) x 3.0mm thick

The child should have 4″ of space above the elbow before the underarm and below the elbow before the wrist. To ensure a secure fit and performance, we recommend 3/4″ as the minimum amount of overlap on the wrap-around portion.

Note: The Early Gradeschool (M) brace is a good option for most 4 year-olds through 9 year olds. There are some larger 3 year-olds especially those with a significant amount of spasticity at the elbow, (such as spastic quadriplegia/spastic diplegia cerebral palsy) who will also do well with this size as long as they have at least 4″ of space above and below the elbow. The Early Gradeschool (M) size is also a favorite for younger girls with Rett syndrome, as well as children with autism and other genetic diagnoses where it helps deter mouthing, hand wringing and facial interaction.

The Bamboo Brace is available in 5 sizes and is designed to cover the area from the bend of the elbow joint to about halfway to the underarm (axilla) and about halfway to the wrist.
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