3M Cobanᵀᴹ Self-Adherent Wrap


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3M Coban™ Self-Adherent Wrap, 1″, Non-Sterile, Latex

Coban™ self-adherent wrap functions just like tape but has cohesive properties that ensures self adhesion. There is no use for adhesive, pins, or clips. Coban™ is used to provide compression and immobilize injuries in a safe and effective way. Coban Self-Adherent Wrap is also used to help secure primary dressings. The bandage is commonly used in sports therapy by athletic trainers to wrap ankle sprains as well as secure wound dressings on the spot.

  • A laminate of non-woven material and elastic fibers are placed lengthwise to provide elasticity.
  • Fully stretched.
  • Lightweight, breathable, and porous.
  • Provide desired amount of compression at time of application.
  • Protects primary dressings.
  • Wrapping splints and arm boards.
  • Sterile drape stabilization.

Additional Information:

  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Latex content: Latex
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