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Remarkable™ Comfort PLUS Vaginal Probe

Diameter: 28mm, Length 91mm

The innovative Comfort PLUS pelvic probe design draws inspiration from the widely acclaimed original Comfort Sensor but features a larger diameter and length. Despite its increased size, the Comfort PLUS remains true to its lightweight construction, ensuring effortless deep insertion for optimal contact with the pelvic floor bed. It stands as the most lightweight sensor available, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort.

  • To insert, apply a thin layer of  Ultrasound Gel and insert into your vagina all the way to the the base of the sensor. Ensure the two metal electrodes are facing towards your hips for best conductivity.

The Comfort Probe PLUS can be used with the whole range Verity Neurotrac Kegel8 electronic exercisers. It will also fit most standard Muscle Stimulation devices on the market.

  • Medical Grade Pelvic Toner Internal Probe
  • Quality TPE plastic with a larger than most lateral e-stim area for effective stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles
  • Suitable for electrical Stimulation and biofeedback
  • Medical grade stainless steel with less than 8% nickel
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