Comfortpreneᵀᴹ Short Wrist Wrap

Item #:RM58604-BK

Item #: RM58604-BK


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Comfortprene™ Short Wrist Wrap – Black, Universal Size

Effective support for the prevention and treatment of wrist injuries.

  • Comfortprene™ Short Wrist Wraps are made from a neoprene material lined with soft terrycloth that is designed to minimize perspiration.
  • Ideal for wrist arthritis, sprains, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Provides circumferential compression and support to the wrist while allowing full thumb and finger motion.
  • Reinforced, wide wrist strap fastens with hook and loop closures to ensure a snug, comfortable fit and helps to limit final degrees of wrist motion.
  • Covers approximately one-third of the forearm and is available in one universal size.
  • Trim where needed, except across the sewn seam.
  • Available in Black. 
  • All wraps fit either left or right.
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