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SPIO® Orthosis Knee Length Pant System

SPIO® Orthosis Knee Length Pant System

spio compression garments

Remington Medical now distributes SPIO® Compression Garments in Canada! 

SPIO is a compression system designed to help children with special needs including cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, sensory processing disorders, and other neuro-muscular delays.  SPIO is made of a patented Lycra fabric with a unique multi-directional stretch.  SPIO offers a variety of comfortable and affordable styles that can be worn under clothing all day.


  • Assists with primary sensory awareness deficits in lower extremity and lower trunk
  • Combine with vest to improve upright stability
  • Combine with shirt to improve full body sensory awareness
  • May benefit children and adults with spastic diplegia who demonstrate deficits in sensory awareness and stability


  • SPIO Lower Body Orthoses are standard single layer
  • Combined with shirt or vest will provide double or triple layer compression from the lower ribcage to the pelvis and hips
  • Designed with a higher back side to accommodate diapers
  • Can be trimmed above knee
  • Color options are Black, Royal Blue, or Pink.  Select color choice by noting it in the "comments" section of the web order form.

SPIO® Knee-length Orthosis Pants Size Measurements:

Size Waist Circumference Waist to Ankle Length
SP 41 41 cm 27.25 cm
SP 43 43 cm 29.5 cm
SP 45 45 cm 31.75 cm
SP 47 47 cm 34 cm
SP 49 49 cm 36.25 cm
SP 51 51 cm 36.25 cm
SP 53 53 cm 38.75 cm
SP 55 55 cm 41.25 cm
SP 57 57 cm 43.75 cm
SP 59 59 cm 46.25 cm
SP 61 61 cm 48.75 cm
SP 63 63 cm 51.25 cm
SP 65 65 cm 53.25 cm
SP 67 67 cm 55.25 cm
SP 69 69 cm 57.25 cm
SP 71 71 cm 59.25 cm
SP 73 73 cm  61.25 cm

 Note: Pant measurements are taken with patient standing


Garments may not be returned due to hygenic reasons!


**All Spio UBO (Upper Body Orthosis) or LBO (Lower Body Orthosis) are $211 CDN + taxes.

**Shipping is $10 anywhere in Canada

Item # Description Unit Qty Price
RM-55-SP41 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP41 EA log in
RM-55-SP43 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP43 EA log in
RM-55-SP45 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP45 EA log in
RM-55-SP47 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP47 EA log in
RM-55-SP49 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP49 EA log in
RM-55-SP51 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP51 EA log in
RM-55-SP53 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP53 EA log in
RM-55-SP55 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP55 EA log in
RM-55-SP57 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP57 EA log in
RM-55-SP59 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP59 EA log in
RM-55-SP61 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP61 EA log in
RM-55-SP63 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP63 EA log in
RM-55-SP65 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP65 EA log in
RM-55-SP67 SPIO Pant Knee Length, SP67 EA log in
RM-55-SP69 SPIO Pant Knee Length SP69 EA log in
RM-55-SP71 SPIO Pant Knee Length SP71 EA log in
RM-55-SP73 SPIO Pant Knee Length SP73 EA log in