Dorsal Ankle Foot Orthosis


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Chesapeake Medical Products’ Ankle-Foot Orthosis is molded from strong, lightweight polypropylene and provide comfortable support from the calf to the arch. This orthosis is easily modified with a heat gun and can be worn in most flat-heeled shoes. The AFO is indicated for degenerative diseases, toe-heel gait prevention, multiple sclerosis, post CVA and nerve injuries.



Ankle-Foot Orthosis
CM475-1 CM475-2 Small Women’s shoe
size 5 – 61/2
CM475-3 CM475-4 Medium Women’s shoe
size 7 – 9
CM475-5 CM475-6 Large Men’s shoe
size 9 – 101/2
CM475-7 CM475-8 X-Large Men’s shoe
size 11 – 121/2
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