Saehan Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Kit

Item #:RM-17-5000

Item #: RM-17-5000


Product Details

3-piece set
Portable carrying case contains all instruments necessary to evaluate the strength and range-of-motion of the hand and fingers.
Set includes:

  • hydraulic hand dynamometer (RM-17-5001)
  • hydraulic pinch gauge (RM-17-5005)
  • stainless steel finger goniometer 15cm – 180° per 5°

The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer gives accurate grip strength readings without the subject being able to “feel” the handle move. The adjustable handle has 5 positions to accommodate to any hand size. The indicator remains at the subject’s maximum reading until it is reset. Has a scale in kilograms. Comes in a hard carrying case.
Range: 0 – 90kg (200lb)

The Saehan 5005 Pinch Gauge is used for hand-strength testing by measuring tip, key and palmar pinch.

Pinch styles:

  • Tip Pinch — thumb tip to index fingertip.
  • Key Pinch — thumb pad to lateral aspect of middle phalanx of index finger.
  • Palmar Pinch — thumb pad to pads of index and middle fingers.

Saehan SH5005 Pinch Gauge is used for measuring a patient’s hand strength to initially evaluate a patient’s hand dysfunction or trauma, and also to determine how a patient is responding to ongoing therapy and treatment

Pinch force is measured in pounds and kilograms (45 lbs or 20kg. Maximum reading) on a dual scale.

Saehan SH5005 Pinch Gauge comes complete with a calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards when purchased new.

Includes a soft carrying case


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