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The Thermophore® MaxHEAT offers a hands-free experience and includes an easy-to-use on/off switch. It features a unique “Pause” function and an integrated timer. Simply activate the “On” button for heat and the “Pause” button to cool down, alternating as desired. A 20-minute timer automatically turns the unit off for safety. This Thermophore® MaxHEAT delivers professional-grade deep-heat therapy, enhancing your daily routine with on-demand convenience.

Thermophore® MaxHEAT Benefits & Features:

  • Thermophore® MaxHEAT: Offers professional-grade, intense moist heat therapy, usable anytime.
  • Widely Recommended: Preferred and suggested by doctors, physical therapists, and medical professionals.
  • Unique Moisture Design: Generates moisture from the air, no added water required. Optional damp cloth addition for extra moisture, with a protective liner for safety.
  • New Temperature Switch: Features three settings (high, medium, low). Auto shut-off after 20 minutes.
  • High Setting: Achieves full, therapeutic temperatures, typical of Thermophore® products.
  • Medium & Low Settings: Provide comfortable heat levels for sensitive users. Low setting ideal for clinicians pre-heating units for patient therapy.


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