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Thermophore® MaxHEAT is designed to be hands-free with a user-friendly on/off switch. It also has an inPausein feature and built-in timer. Just press inOnin for heat, inPausein to cool and alternate as often as you like. The 20-minute timer will shut the unit off for your protection. Our Thermophore® MaxHEAT deep-heat therapy provides the convenience of professional quality – on demand, to significantly improve your ability to manage your daily routine.

Thermophore® MaxHEAT Benefits:

• Thermophore® MaxHEAT deep-heat therapy provides professional-quality intense moist heat that can be used at any time of the day or night.

• Thermophore® is the brand most often used and recommended by doctors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals.

• Unique design produces moisture from the atmosphere, with no need for you to add any water. If needed, Thermophore® MaxHEAT has a protective liner that lets you safely add a damp cloth for even more moisture!

• NEW SWITCH: The new Switch has 3 temperature levels (high, medium and low) and shuts off automatically after approximately 20 minutes of use. On the high setting, the deep heating pad reaches full, therapeutic temperatures for which Thermophore® products are renowned. The medium and low settings allow the user that is not comfortable with the maximum temperature, to find a more appropriate temperature for their needs and comfort. The lower setting enables clinicians to pre-heat the units before applying moist heat therapy to their patients.


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