Pediatric WebStay Thumb Splint


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Pediatric Webstay Thumb Splint
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McKie Splint – Pediatric WebStay Thumb Splint
Thumb Splint with Web Stay

This is the McKie Thumb Splint with a wider web and the addition of a fabric-covered butterfly-shaped stay over the web of the thumb. The stay can be molded by the practitioner. This splint is recommended for moderate to severe spasticity when the thumb splint alone does not hold the thumb in opposition.

Sized to fit children from infancy to about 8-10 years (6 sizes)
Stream-lined design dynamically assists grasp.
Minimal palmar coverage allows the hand to function more normally, to feel and to manipulate objects.
Made from 1.5 mm washable nylon-covered neoprene
The smooth side nylon is worn against the skin. The outer fabric is a closed loop Nylon fabric which allows attachment of the hook tape anywhere on the splint thus making it adaptable to a variety of applications.
Latex free and available in 6 colors
Extra hook tape is available for purchase. Velcro® brand tape as well as other brands of hook tape are used in the manufacture of the McKie thumb splint.
Custom options include custom sizing, widened web space, longer strapping and plastic web stay.