Molded Sock Aid


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Norco™ Molded Sock Aid - Cord Handle
Norco™ Molded Sock Aid - Two Handles
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A foam disc on the underside of the trough prevents the sock from sliding off before it is completely on the foot.
The Norco™ Molded Sock Aid has a semi-flexible plastic trough that holds a sock or stockings in place while being pulled onto the foot.
The trough may be adjusted using a heat gun. Good hand strength is required to flex the sock aid.
Available in two styles.
The Norco™ Molded Sock Aid with Cord Handle can be used with one or two hands.
The 33 in. (84cm) cord handle can be cut to adjust length.
The Norco™ Molded Sock Aid with Two Cord Handles features soft foam grips for comfortable use.