NeuroTracᵀᴹ Lead Wire

Item #:RM-126-LW103

Item #: RM-126-LW103


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Twin Conductor Lead Wire- 40in Pin For Verity TENS/EMS

NeuroTrac™ Replacement Lead Wires. Will Fit ALL NeuroTrac™ Devices.

Including: NeuroTrac™ TENS, NeuroTrac™ SPORT, SPORT XL, NeuroTrac™ Simplex, NeuroTrac™ Pelvitone, NeuroTrac™ Continence, NeuroTrac™ REHAB, NeuroTrac™ Myoplus 2, Myoplus 2 pro, Myoplus 4, Myoplus 4 Pro, NeuroTrac™ Multitens.

1 lead wire per pack.

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