Nose Cut-Out Tumblers


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Nose Cut-Out Tumbler Clear 4Oz

Enables drinking without tilting the head.

  • Nose Cut-Out Tumblers are ideal for people who choke easily or cannot tilt their heads back due to neck injuries.
  • Useful for children who have cerebral palsy.
  • The cutout fits comfortably around the nose when drinking.
  • The 2-7/8″ (7.3cm) wide opening allows the therapist to observe the liquid going into the client’s mouth.
  • The colored tumbler is made of a rigid, Non-Flexible plastic (color may vary Beige or Blue).
  • The Clear-Green tumblers are made of Flexible polypropylene plastic.
  • Three sizes are available: 4 fl. oz., 8 fl. oz. and 12 fl. oz. (118ml, 237ml, and 355ml).
  • Household dishwasher and microwave safe.