Overdoor Cervical Traction

Item #:RM-09-501000

Item #: RM-09-501000


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Fabtrac Overdoor Cervical Traction with Head Halter:

The Fabtrac Overdoor Cervical Traction unit is an effective treatment option for neck pain or other associated neck conditions. It features a two-pulley system which allows for easy gradual tension. Continue your physical therapy exercises from the comfort of your own home as this device easily fits into any door. Simply mount the Fabtrac over the desired door  and adjust the hook and loop closures of the head halter for maximum comfort. The head halter is made to fit most adults and is machine washable. The weight bag is graduated, so it can easily adjust according to the weight, up to 20 pounds. Included is the pulley traction rope, adjustable spreader bar, head halter, and S-hook vinyl water bag.
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