Performa Paraffin Wax


  • Pure, colorless, professional-grade wax for all paraffin baths
  • Absorbs and retains a great deal of heat for therapeutic treatment
  • Ideal for clinics, spas and salons as well as at-home use
  • Only available in unscented  
Product Details

Performa Paraffin Wax

This hypoallergenic paraffin wax is paraben free and contains only FDA Food Grade ingredients. The wax is suitable to use in all paraffin baths and is available in multiple sizes and scents to meet the needs of professional and personal use. This high-quality wax melts into a translucent liquid to retain more heat and effectively transfer the heat to the treatment area. Performa Paraffin wax is made in the USA.

Wax Therapy Treatments

Performa Paraffin Wax is used to successfully deliver heat to aching joints and stiff muscles. The residue-free formulation allows clinicians to build thick, pliable layers on treatment areas to maximize the therapeutic heat benefits. The more layers of paraffin wax applied to a treatment area, the longer the heat will last. Use with paraffin mitts or booties to insulate and prolong the heat treatment.

Professional Use

The wax is available in 1 lb. beads or blocks and sold in cases of either 6 or 36 pounds. Six pounds of wax covers approximately 40 sets of hands that are dipped 3 times each. The lightly scented wax is expertly blended with all the necessary oils to remain soft and supple without leaving an oily residue, ensuring no additional oils are needed.

Note: In summer months the wax may melt during storage and shipping, however, this does not affect the quality or performance of the wax.

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