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Item #:RM-36-01104

Item #: RM-36-01104



  • The Magcell Microcirc can increase the peripheral circulation and prevent consequent damages. The treatment can be carried out in early stages as a prophylactic effect.
  • Increased peripheral blood circulation can be positive in the clinical of diabetic leg.. Peripheral arterial diseases caused by decreased blood flow have seen positive effects with the Microcirc.
  • Blood flow stimulation and reduction of sensory neurotoxicities in cytostatic-induced polyneuropathy
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Product description

MAGCELL® MICROCIRC can positively influence symptoms on hands and feet after chemotherapy. Moreover, a significant increase in nerve conductivity speed (ulnar nerve) was achieved by the Magcell sessions.


  • Electrode-free electrotherapy for therapists and patients
  • Pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF)
  • Field strength more than 1000 gauss
  • Effective treatment concept due to repeatable short-treatment periods
  • Through-textile treatment (even through shoes)
  • Very easy one-button operation
  • Battery-driven
  • Optical and acoustic function control
  • Automatic switch-off at the end of the therapy period

Blood flow stimulation

MAGCELL® MICROCIRC significantly increases micro-circulation (p < 0,001) while nitric oxide (NO) has a blood vessel dilatory effect. The authors recommend where an improvement in micro circulation is identified, like for instance in the case of chronic tissue repair.

(First photo – without Magcell Microcirc | Second Photo – 2 minutes after a session. )


Magcell information

MAGCELL® is a portable hand device for easy sessions. Magnetic alternating fields are produced over rotation by permanent magnets. A sinusoidal pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF) is generated over the special magnet arrangement and device function principle. However, with a value of 0,105 tesla field strength it is many times higher than for commercially available magnetic field therapy devices with coils or mats, which generally operate with field strengths of maximum 100 gauss or 0.01 tesla. By contrast MAGCELL®-therapy units produce field strengths, which are generally stronger by factor 10 than these devices.

According to induction law induced time-variable magnetic fields induce fields. The physical effects of MAGCELL® derive from the spatial fields produced in living cells and tissue based on induction law. Depending on tissue conductivity the field incites an electric current. Taking into account the specific conductivity for various body tissue and liquids, this field can be calculated. Its strength, or more precisely, field density (= field strength per area, A/m²) determines biological effectiveness.

All calculated field densities exceed 10 mA/m² and are thus within the range of effects internationally confirmed and classified as ‘good‘: above the ‘subtle biological effects‘ and within the range of ‘confirmed macro effects‘ (10-100 mA/m²). Induced field densities are much higher again in blood and body fluids. The term ‘electrode-free sessions‘ for MAGCELL® derives from the distinctly strong induced densities and exceeding of the threshold value of 10 mA/m²: both of which are not found on equipment using coils or mats.

Body fluids (e.g. joint fluid) play a key role in the relevant therapy indications for MAGCELL® devices. The cells in this fluid or adjacent tissue are exposed to the established field densities. MAGCELL® exceeds by far the recognised effective field densities so that treatment is effective even at a tissue depth of 3-5 cm. MAGCELL® also induces above-threshold field densities in the blood, which are crucial for effects, for instance in respect of blood flow stimulation and immunomodulatory processes. The same applies for interstitial liquids, which moreover are found in virtually all organs and tissue. In bones and fatty tissue with low conductivity field densities are well below the effectiveness threshold of 10 mA/m², so an effect in this tissue can scarcely be envisaged.

The following benefits  with MAGCELL® are recorded:

  • Increased movement in joints with out discomfort.
  • substantial improvement in circulation
  • reduction of sensory neurotoxicity’s

Further clinical effects

A dog‘s prostate gland serves as animal model in the case of irregularities in the growth of the human prostate. In a study (Leoci et al. 2014) benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms improved significantly in respect of prostate volume reduction without influencing semen quality, testosterone behaviour or the libido.
Another clinical and experimental study (Funk et al. 2014) confirms that MAGCELL® MICROCIRC also significantly boosts micro-circulation even widens the blood vessels. The authors recommend the therapy for clinical situations where an improvement in micro circulation is identified, like for instance in the case of chronic tissue repair.


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