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Product Details

SPIO is a compression system designed to help children with special needs including cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, sensory processing disorders, and other neuro-muscular delays. SPIO is made of a patented Lycra fabric with a unique multi-directional stretch. SPIO offers a variety of comfortable and affordable styles that can be worn under clothing all day.

SPIO Long Sleeve Shirt Use:

  • Assists with primary awareness deficits in upper extremity and trunk
  • Positive impact on shoulder/arm stability and function
  • Can be combined with pants to provide double layer compression to the shoulder, trunk, hips, and pelvis while providing single layer compression to the shoulder and legs.


” We received our son’s shirt three days ago. He is 4 years old, autistic, and has some severe sensory issues. This shirt is already making our lives so much easier. When he wears it, he is calmer and more focused. He doesn’t scream as much, and he even seems to be more stable when he is walking. His teacher and speech therapist also commented on how much calmer he was today in school and in therapy. The quality of the garment is excellent, also. I especially appreciate how the flap behind the zipper is constructed, as it is quite easy to zip up without pinching our son’s skin. ”


” There is absolutely no price I can put on the value and benefits my son and our family have received and outcomes we have experienced with our son, Kyle using SPIO as a tool to help him with his Sensory Processing Disorder. The changes we saw were immediate and profound both at home and in the school environment. I can’t say enough- the teachers noticed the change immediately, our family and friends noticed the change immediately. Our son, Kyle, noticed the change immediately stating “I love these shirts. They make me feel calm and relaxed.” I believe SPIO’s products helped us be able to effectively work with Kyle in his most troubled area (sensory) and manage it so we could then teach him the other skills he required. When Kyle attends school without the shirt for some reason or another, it is immediately obvious to the teacher. The Spio Upper Body Orthosis has done for my son something that no drug could ever do – give him a natural way to help manage his sensory processing challenges and couple them with effective OT training in order to maximize his potential. Thank you Spio! ”


” Hi, I just wanted to drop you an email to describe my daughter, Sophia (who has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome), progress since she received her SPIO suit. I have seen significant changes in Sophia’s ability to sit as well as grasp objects. She has gone from being shaky while sitting unassisted and grabbing/holding objects to being much better at sitting as well as being able to control her hands much better. The difference is quite noticeable and we plan on her wearing the suit as much as possible. Once out of the suit, I have noticed that she seems to be able to sit more confidently and reach for and grasp objects. It appears the effect of the suit carries on even after she is out of it. We are very pleased with the suit and are quite impressed with it. Additionally the quality and construction are first-rate. So far all seems are holding up well and the suit is wearing well. ”


” I am Mom to 5 1/2 year old twins. My son has high functioning autism and my daughter has sensory processing disorders. Both have vestibular and proprioceptic issues that impact their gross and fine motor skills, attention, body awareness, and activity levels among other things. Both are constantly in motion. When the kids were three, our occupational therapist suggested that I try SPIO. He was thinking especially for my son, however, I purchased a SPIO for both children. The results with my son were noticeable, but the change with my daughter was dramatic and instantaneous. It was simply amazing. This little girl who could not stay still enough to sit in a chair (to the point that she frequently fell out of chairs within minutes) was immediately still and able to attend to classroom activities. What happened over the next few months was quite dramatic. She had been given a standard assessment measuring her pre-school readiness just a month before getting the suit. Three months later she was administered the same test, the results showed that she had progressed more than 9 months in development in that three month span. With SPIO, her fine motor skills increased as did her ability to attend, follow directions, apply her imagination to drawing, and learn new concepts. It was truly the key to unlocking a major development spurt for her. Thank you for making such wonderful products. ”


” I am seeing a ~15 month old girl who has low tone throughout her body, is small for her age, and took months to begin movement. I’ve been seeing her in the pool for about 4-6 months now which seems to have gotten her onto a better trajectory. We’ve begun working on standing I believe a couple months ago with hopes of cruising but she still needed help to shift her weight last Wed. I put a long-sleeve shirt (47) on her and she still needed help to shift her weight at the bench on the deck. I sent the SPIO home in order for the child and parents to practice with it. Mom sent me a video of her independently cruising at her couch on Thursday, the next day with the SPIO on! I had predicted she would be cruising by the weekend or Monday if they were able to give her the opportunity to practice and she beat my prediction by at least 2 days! Impressive! ”

– Jane Styer-Acevedo, PT, DPT, C/NDT

Standard Accessories
Technical Specs

Product Features:

  • Single Layer
  • Zipper back neck closure
  • Short sleeves to provide coverage of shoulder
  • Designed to fit snug over hips
  • 100% Latex Free
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