SPIO® Orthosis Ankle Length Pant System


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Remington Medical is now the exclusive distributor of SPIO® Compression Garments in Canada!

SPIO is a compression system designed to help children with special needs including cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, sensory processing disorders, and other neuro-muscular delays. SPIO is made of a patented Lycra fabric with a unique multi-directional stretch. SPIO offers a variety of comfortable and affordable styles that can be worn under clothing all day.

The Ankle Length SPIO® Lower Body Orthosis assists with gait and fully body stability when combined with the SPIO® TLSO or Upper Body Orthosis.

It is ideal for those with spastic dyplegia, hypotonia, Down Syndrome, Ataxia, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder.


” I am blown away… My son is almost 3 and was just diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder. He has never been calm, never sat still, doesn’t sleep, struggles with speech, hardly eats, and makes constant noises to receive sensory input. I ordered the SPIO shirt and pants that his OT suggested on Friday morning. It arrived today, Monday afternoon, and I put it on him immediately. My son was a completely different person!!! He attempted to communicate with me through language, he was calm and comfortable in his own skin, and he walked when he got tired instead of running compulsively non-stop. He even sought me out for comfort and to cuddle when he got tired. Even as an infant he did not like physical touch. I cannot believe how happy he is! He wouldn’t take it off for bedtime and slept through the night for one of the first times in months. Don’t hesitate to get SPIO – SpioWorks.com has the best prices I could find!

  • By: Sarah