Strava Heat Pan

A Clean, Smart Design

The answer to cross contamination concerns between patients.

The only splint pan on the market designed with two methods of disinfection.
Full customization of presets and rich in additional features, exclusively with Strava.

Features of the Strava Heat Pan

The state-of-the-art Strava splint bath is the first of its kind, precisely engineered to take the guess work out for the therapist. The Strava splint bath is made of a thermoset material, known for its insulation, flammability resistance, durability and aesthetic appeal.


  • Easily-Accessible, Transparent hinged lid to eliminate water spillage
  • Convection heat exchanged technology makes for quick and uniform heat distribution of the water.
  • Automatic On/Off means unit is pre-heated and ready to use when clinics opens and energy efficient on off hours.
  • Simple water evacuation with pump/valve system
  • simple water evacuation with pump/valve system 
  • Precise water temperature reading at +/-2 F
  • Full color, custom LCD display

A systematic approach to infection prevention

Unit disinfection and patient cross contamination are common concerns in hospital and clinical environments. Our proprietary cleaning system uses both UV-C sterilization cycling and a high-heat cleaning cycle to effectively sterilize the bath. This dual cleaning system insures the water is  99.99% free of microbes. In addition, the automatic drainage pump makes water evacuation quick and easy for tub cleaning and water replacement. This systematic approach makes the Strava splint bath the most sanitary on the market, without exception.
  • 99.9% kill rate of introduced microbes*
  • Continuous UV-C light @ 254 nm wavelength emitted over the circulating water.
  • Automatic high heat water disinfection automatically set to run after hours.
  • Auto water evacuation for quick and easy tub cleaning.

Microchem ASTM E2315 Report (PDF)     DOWNLOAD

Microchem ASTM E2315 Data NG13978 12NOV2019 (PDF) DOWNLOAD

Intuitive user experience

Traditional splint bath controls are antiquated and imprecise. The user interface on the Strava splint bath has an easy to read timer and temperature always on display. A full menu of features allows for clinician control and customization. Users can select from an array of thermoplastic settings from the top thermoplastic manufacturers or create a menu of their own.

Strava partners with the top thermoplastic manufacturers world wide

The preset parameters found in the Strava control panel are based on the thermoplastic sheet manufacturers recommendation for the best handling and results of their materials.

Galary & more info

Operating Temperature Range : 60C – 82C (140F – 180F)

Sanitation Mode Temperature: 85C (185F)

Voltage: 100-120 VAC, 200-240 VAC

Water Fill Capacity: 20L

Water Fill Depth: 12.5cm

Unit Weight: 35lbs

Unit Dims Outer (LxWxH): 60cm L 52cm W 25.5cm H

Unit Dims Inner (LxWxH): 48cm L 30cm W 15cm H

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