Ventopedic Premium Palm Protector With Finger Spacers


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Ventopedic Premium Palm Protector With Finger Spacers

Recommended  for the treatment of contacted hand. 

  • Provides immediate cushioning support and moisture control inside the hand and between the fingers
  • Prevents finger contractures and skin breakdown
  • Controlled levels of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers attract and expel skin moisture four times faster than regular fabric
  • 3-Dimensional air flow ventilation allows heat and moisture to escape; allowing skin to stay dry and comfortable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Content: 90% polyester / 10% cotton
  • Washing temperature 160 – 167F ( 71 – 75°C)
  • Drying temperature 220F
  • Available in small , medium and large
  • View product details for measurement specifications

SMALL (3-4” Knuckle to knuckle / .75” Diameter / 4“ Length)

MEDIUM (4-5” Knuckle to knuckle / 1” Diameter / 4“ Length)

LARGE (5-6” Knuckle to knuckle / 1.5” Diameter / 4.5“ Length)

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