Our Remarkable brand opens up the opportunity for dealers and professionals to get great quality rehabilitation products at an affordable price. Our experience over 40 years has allowed us hand pick a catalogue that will continue to grow to meet the demanding needs of the therapist and patient!

On that note we are happy to offer dealers two new products : The Remarkable Smart Strap and the Remarkable CMC brace.

The Remarkable™ Smart Strap

Triangular fibrocarilage complex (TFCC) Injuries, a common cause of ulnar sided wrist pain.  The Remarkable™ Smart Strap is a flexible wrist orthosis that supports the users wrist after injury, surgery, chronic pain, osteoarthritis or from over-use. With the demanding need for an affordable TFCC brace, Remarkable has chosen to add this brace to the hand therapy line and offer a generous bulk discount for dealers in a single, 5 and 10 pack! With the increased popularity of sports such as golf and tennis in the pandemic, we are seeing more and more people requesting wrist support for localized TFCC injuries, this is a perfect time to stock your shelfs with this splint as the demand heightens!

The Remarkable CMC Brace 

The CMC brace is one of our most popular braces sold over the past decade. Most dealers and therapist are aquatinted with the Push Ortho CMC brace that Remington has been selling for 10+ years ! Remington Medical sells the highest quantity of CMC braces in Canada supplying dealers, therapists and consumers. The Push Ortho splint, being the gold standard and consequently the most expensive splint on the market, opened an area for us to bring in a brace at an affordable price point for resale allowing for better margins for the therapist and dealer. We did not compromise quality for price – this splint has received great feedback from the Arthritis Society of Canada as well as many hand therapist across Canada and is continuing to be order alongside the Push!

If you ever need to receive info session on any of our Remarkable products to help better educate your customers, our trained sales staff can assist you at anytime!

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