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Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Supplies In Ottawa, Ontario

Canada’s capital city is known for its beautiful landmarks, historic sites, vibrant arts, and culture, and bustling food scene. This green jewel of Ontario defines the region and is a major attraction for locals and visitors, with scenic walks along the Ottawa river and afternoons spent in the protected forests and parks. Ottawa is also celebrated for its Physiotherapy and sports clinics, with many businesses that have supported the greater community for decades. Some of the best physical therapists in the country are available right in the heart of Ottawa.

For over three decades, Remington Medical has been proud to support the clinics, practices, and hospitals of Ottawa. Every practice in Ottawa deserves the best medical supplies and equipment available, and Remington Medical has worked hard to source Physiotherapy equipment from around the globe and make it available directly to the province. We believe that the care of the patients must match the quality of the equipment, which is why we provide the best available Physiotherapy supplies and the highest quality medical devices to all of our customers. As Canada’s most trusted Physiotherapy equipment supplier, we continue to handpick supplies and make them available right here in Ottawa.

Our service representatives and sales team work together to ensure you have the equipment you need—what’s more, we help take care of the equipment with an excellent after-sales care program that handles repairs, issues, and upkeep. Remington Medical stands behind every sale, which is why we continue to be Ottawa’s premiere therapy equipment provider.

Whether you’re looking for physical therapy devices or Chiropractic tables, we can source exactly what you need. Give us a call today and rely on Remington Medical to make your Ottawa clinic the best it can be.


Why Choose Remington Medical

Innovation & Education

We source the highest quality Physiotherapy equipment & supplies directly from industry manufacturers in Canada, Europe, and North America. Our trained staff is here for lifelong support on all manufacturer brands.

On-Site Service & Technical Support

We offer device support, with on-site service for upkeep and repair. Our technical support staff is trained by the manufacturers to provide the most accurate support.

Quick Response Service & Device Inspections

We provide quick turnaround and support on all devices, with excellent after-sales support that extends the life of all your devices.

Localized Support

We are a Canadian-certified business located right in Ontario, which means we truly care about the health and well-being of all Canadians. You can ensure the support you receive is always from someone invested in Canadian healthcare.

Canadian-Approved Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Sports Performance

Remington Medical has spent 35 years staying committed to the quality of health services and medical products in Canada. With our Canadian-approved products sourced from North America, Europe, and beyond, we believe that a good clinic or practice is built upon the quality of its equipment. Our services help people get better faster and to stay well, and we believe that teamwork is the backbone of any business. We strive to continue building a growing company that does well throughout the Canadian healthcare system.

We offer one of the widest selections of high-quality products in the country, with excellent service, knowledgeable and trained staff, and a remarkably fast turnaround on quotes, repairs, and deliveries. We constantly update and expand our portfolio of products, and if we don’t have something you’re looking for we won’t stop until we obtain it. 

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Contact us today to work with a Physiotherapy supplier that exceeds expectations and truly wants the best for you and your patients.

Our customers and corporate structure prosper through balance, motivation, and care, and we focus on preventative medicine that provides better lives for all Canadians. Our experience working with North American and European partners has helped influence our focus on the way healthcare should be practiced, now and forever.

Fast Support, Better Calibrations, And All The Leading Brands

The medical community in Ottawa is constantly changing and updating itself to provide better care for the community, and Remington Medical is right there to offer unending support. We know how important it is to keep your clinic or practice running smoothly—you don’t have time to troubleshoot a faulty device or wait for a repair. Our exceptional service team is here for you, to mitigate any downtime and keep you focused on your patients.

Remington Medical can repair the most popular devices from leading manufacturers, including Storz Medical, Gymna, Lojer Tables, Roscoe, DJO, and more. We are also Canada’s only certified Storz medical service center, with in-house repair for all your Storz Shockwave units. With better device inspections and superior calibration knowledge, we can keep all your Physiotherapy and Chiropractic equipment up to date to increase the longevity of your practice. Treatments are only as effective as the equipment used, and we test every single piece of equipment under manufacturer specifications.

Ottawa Physiotherapy Supplies And Equipment

Remington Medical has been Canada’s primary source for all Physiotherapy and Chiropractic supplies, equipment, modalities, and devices because of our adherence to quality and availability. When you rely on Remington Medical, you ensure your practice retains everything it needs for success. Spend less time worrying over the particulars of your devices and more time on the quality of life of your patients. Our physical therapy devices cover the gamut of preventative medicine, including electrotherapy, deep oscillation, deep wound and tissue recovery, sports injury recover, and more.

We encourage you to reach out often for updates on equipment, supplies, and services, and we will regularly keep in touch about the upkeep of your existing equipment. Our sales representatives work around the clock to find the exact equipment and supplies you need for your business, with on-site deliveries and superior after-sales service. We offer professional discounts on popular items, and we work with hundreds of medical professionals in Ottawa to maintain the needs of the city.
Our central location in Markham, Ontario keeps us local and available for many provinces, and we support clinics and provinces throughout Canada. We’ve maintained the same great service for 35 years because of our dedication to clients, businesses, and Canada’s health.

Popular Physiotherapy Products And Equipment

Your Physiotherapy clinic requires the best medical equipment available in Ottawa. Our global manufacturing partners supply us with a wide range of quality supplies and equipment, including:

  • Electric Stimulators
  • Ultrasound Stimulators
  • Heat Therapy Units
  • Cryotherapy Units
  • Physical Therapy Lasers
  • Magnetic Therapy Devices
  • Pressure Therapy Devices
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Units
  • Laser Therapy Supplies
  • Deep Oscillation Therapy
  • Nerve Stimulation Devices
  • Biofeedback Therapy Devices
  • Fitness Bikes
  • Steppers
  • Treadmills
  • Exercise Stations
  • Physiotherapy Tables
  • Massage Tables
  • Traction Tables
  • Tilt Tables
  • Exam Stools

We Remain Your Physiotherapy Supply Innovators

Remington Medical offers more than just products and equipment—we provide unparalleled service and support to all of our Canadian healthcare professionals and customers. Our experts that service Ottawa are trained directly by the manufacturers, and our entire staff is solution-driven and ready to provide support and service that greatly extends the life of our products.

If you need questions answered or a part repaired, our support team responds without delay.

We go above and beyond to ensure you receive the best equipment for your Physiotherapy clinic. We can help you find and obtain the brands, services, and supplies you need, and you always have direct access to our dedicated staff. We have thousands of products available including clinic supplies, Physiotherapy tables, fitness and cardio equipment, therapeutic modalities, and more. The equipment you use in your practice should be primed for the long term so that you can ensure the quality of life and recovery of your patients.

Serving Canadians for over 40 Years

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