Manorapid® (Antiseptica)

Remington Medical carries the world renowned hand antiseptic Manorapid®. Manorapid® is an exceptional poly alcohol formula known for its remarkable effectiveness in killing bacteria and fungi. With just a 20-30 second application, this powerful formula delivers an impressive log reduction rate of 5.33, providing you with unparalleled protection.

Our advanced formula isn’t just about efficacy; it also cares for your skin. Manorapid® features a unique lanolin-derivative emollient that ensures your skin remains soft and smooth after each use. Even under the harshest winter conditions experienced in Canada, Manorapid® keeps your skin nourished and protected.

With a proven track record spanning over 40 years, Manorapid® is trusted worldwide. Its reliable formula has been extensively utilized in hospitals and nursing homes, effectively preventing infections and promoting a safer environment for patients and residents.

Remington Medical also carries Dermotan is a liquid washing lotion for body-, hair- and hand-washing. The product has a mild cleaning and at the same time a good caring effect on the skin, and is an ideal supplement to alcoholic hand disinfectants. Dermotan is based on skin friendly surfactants and is free of alkaline soaps, QACs (quaternary ammonium compounds), phenols, and paraben. It is particularly well suited for the tender skin due to its distinctive properties to cherish the skin and protect it from dehydration (confirmed by consumers). The skin-neutral pH-value of approx. 6 preserves the natural acid mantle of the skin. For the application in all areas of patient care, nursing homes, geriatrics, and paediatrics, in the operating theatre and intensive care units, in medical practices, industrial areas and canteen-kitchens as well as in laboratories.

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