TheraBand® Active Recovery Kit


Product Details
  • A great alternative to weights that can be used at home, on-the-go or in professional environments
  • Progressive resistance levels included for all fitness levels
  • Each band measures 5 feet in length
  • Available in a latex-free option
  • Comes in bilingual French/English packaging with bilingual insert

The TheraBand Beginner Kit provides resistance progression for strengthening muscles, increasing mobility and reducing joint pain, especially after an injury. You can exercise anywhere since bands are lightweight and portable, making a great alternative to weights! The color progression provides visible positive reinforcement for progression to higher resistance bands.

Beginner Kit includes one Yellow, one Red, and one Green resistance band

TheraBand Advanced Kit provides an increased level of rehabilitation and athletic performance in an easy-to-use and portable style. These bands work to tone and condition major muscle groups, and can be used for strength training, stretching, and increased range of motion for the upper and lower body. This kit is easy to use, is versatile and includes basic exercise instructions. Each kit includes one Blue and one Black resistance band that both measure 5′ in length. This kit is excellent for both personal and professional use.

• Advanced includes 5′ Blue, Black, Latex Free bands

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