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AIREX® Balance Beam – (160 x 24 x 6 in)

AIREX® Balance Beams can be used for balance, mobility, coordination and reaction training. These AIREX® Balance Beams have the same foam cushion feel as the AIREX® Balance Pads however they are made with a much narrower base. Due to its dimensions, the entire trunk musculature can be trained in the abdominal and supine position. Also ideal for supporting and intensifying yoga and pilates exercises. The original AIREX® foam technology sets new standards and makes the Balance-beam a high-tech quality product of the highest class.

Intended purpose:

The AIREX® products are designed as a movement therapeutic aid for both institutional and domestic use. An object lying on the floor serves as a support for a person during medically indicated and prescribed exercises to improve motor skills and balance or postural control and / or for the therapeutic movement treatment of muscle weakness in the limbs and trunk as a result of a neurological or orthopedic disease.

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