AIREX® Balance Pads


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AIREX® Balance Pad
AIREX® Balance Pad - Elite, (50 X 41 X 6 Cm)
Airex Balance Pad, Elite, 16" X 20" X 2.5", Kiwi

AIREX® Balance Pads are special foam cushions used to optimize balance, coordination, and to improve posture. It is recommeded to complete exercises in bare feet to preserve the cushion and to achieve maximum stability. Using the balance pad and beam causes the sensorimotor sysem to adapt to the various unstable conditions. Jumping and rotating are some optimal exercises for sensorimotor training.

The AIREX® BeBalanced!® product line permits efficient training for heart and circulation, body posture, body awareness, equilibrium and mind and soul.

The destabilizing characteristics of the slip-proof AIREX® Balance-pad Elite and Balance-pad XLarge activate the control functions of the brain. To maintain the body in balance, the receptors in the area of the feet, joints and eyes are increasingly sensitized. Therapeutic and training goals can be achieved more quickly. For example:

Improvement of the inter- and intramuscular coordination ability;
Increase of the ability to respond;
Optimization of body posture and movement sequences;
Training of everyday functions and movement sequences specific to sports type;
Dynamic, goal-oriented stamina training;
Recovery of the physiological toe and foot functions;
Reduction of the risk for injuries and falls.