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Item #:RM-122-BUMPI

Item #: RM-122-BUMPI


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Intimate moments should be a source of joy and connection, but for women dealing with conditions like:

  • Endometriosis
  • Adenomyosis
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Fibroids
  • Pelvic inflammation
  • Pelvic floor muscle spasm (vaginismus)
  • Menopause (genitourinary syndrome of menopause, or gsm)
  • Cancer treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
  • Chronic vulvar pain (vulvodynia)
  • Post-surgical vaginal swelling
  • Postpartum pain / sex post baby

sex can often become uncomfortable or painful. This common issue, known as collision dyspareunia, can dampen the experience for both partners. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward solution, The Bumpi® buffer Rings.

Discovering the Comfort of Bumpi® Rings:

Designed with your comfort and pleasure in mind, Bumpi® Rings offer a soft and effective solution to alleviate pain during sex. With their simple application and seamless integration into lovemaking, Bumpi® Rings bring back the joy and relaxation of intimate moments for both partners.

The Benefits of Bumpi® Rings:

  1. Pain-Free Intimacy: Bumpi® Rings are specifically engineered to provide relief from discomfort during sex. Whether it’s bleeding or pain caused by endometriosis, uterine prolapse, or myomas, these rings offer a gentle cushioning effect that minimizes discomfort, allowing you to enjoy pain-free and pleasurable experiences.
  2. Easy to Use: Applying Bumpi® Rings is quick and effortless. They fit comfortably around the base of the penis, providing support and protection without interfering with the natural flow of lovemaking. You and your partner can focus on each other without worrying about discomfort or distractions.
  3. Enhanced Pleasure for Both: Bumpi® Rings are not just about alleviating pain; they also enhance pleasure for both partners. With the added support and cushioning, you can explore and enjoy intimacy without any inhibitions or concerns, fostering a deeper connection and a stress-free sexual experience.

Embrace Stress-Free, Pleasurable Intimacy:

Don’t let discomfort hinder your intimate moments any longer. Bumpi® Rings are here to bring back the joy and relaxation that should accompany lovemaking. Experience pain-free, stress-free intimacy, where both partners can fully embrace the pleasure of each other’s presence.

Note: It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if Bumpi® Rings are suitable for your specific condition. They can provide personalized advice and guidance to ensure the best possible outcome for your pelvic health and sexual well-being.

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Technical Specs
What are penetration buffer rings?
Penetration buffer rings, also known as vaginal buffer rings, are devices designed to provide a cushioning effect during sexual intercourse or penetration. They are typically made of soft, flexible materials and are placed at the entrance of the vagina to help reduce discomfort, pain, or sensitivity during penetration.
How do penetration buffer rings like the Bumpi work?
Penetration buffer rings work by creating a barrier between sensitive areas of the vagina and the penetrating object. The ring’s soft and pliable material helps absorb and distribute pressure, minimizing potential discomfort or pain that may occur during intercourse. They provide a gentler experience and can be especially beneficial for individuals with conditions such as vaginismus, vulvodynia, or post-surgical sensitivity.
Can Bumpi Buffer rings be used with lubricants?
Yes, penetration buffer rings can be used in conjunction with water-based lubricants to enhance comfort and reduce friction during penetration. Applying a small amount of lubricant to the ring or directly to the penetrating object can facilitate smoother movement and further alleviate any potential discomfort.
What are Bumpi buffer rings made of ?
Bumpi buffer rings are made out of high-quality, body-safe materials such as medical-grade silicone
Can I use my Bumpi with a condom?
Yes. You’ll just need to put the condom on prior to putting on your buffer ring. Be sure to use additional lubrication before sliding your rings on.

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