EMP 2 PRO Muscle Stimulation & TENS Device

Item #:SW-104068

Item #: SW-104068


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The EMP 2 PRO is a proved and tested stimulator in the schwa-medico range. The unit has a upgraded design and now works with an integrated rechargeable battery. With its new design and the latest treatment techniques you can treat pain and do muscle stimulation. The EMP2 pro belongs to the highest standard of portable electrotherapy devices. The EMP 2 pro has an edit mode to make 20 of your own programs.

The EMP2 pro offers the following extra features:

  • TENS low frequency
  • TENS high frequency
  • TENS burst
  • TENS modulation
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Sequential programs
  • Integrated AKS (skin protection circuit control)

The EMP2 pro can also be connected to the mains circuit.
When the batteries are running low, just connect the adapter to the mains circuit and continue the treatment.





Standard Accessories
Technical Specs

Output current: 100 mA (with 1 kOhm real)

Frequency : 1 – 120 Hz

Puse width : 50-500 µs

Power Supply: integrated rechargeable battery Ni-MH 4.8

Dimensions : 115 x 65 x 28 mm

Weight : 145 g

Conformity: complies with the Medical Device Directive (CE)

Art.-No. 104068

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