Intimate Rose® Full Vaginal Dilator Sizing Set (Size 1 – 8)


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Intimate Rose® Dilator, Size 1-8 Full Set

The Intimate Rose Full Vaginal Dilator Set includes sizes 1-8 of high-quality, medical-grade vaginal dilators. They are firm enough to hold their shape, but are significantly smoother and more comfortable than vaginal dilators made of plastic and others made of silicone that have a sticky finish. Sizes in this vaginal dilator set range in length from 2.8 to 6.5 inches and width from 0.45 to 1.5 inches.

  • Smooth Non-Stick Surface
  • 8 Sizes That Gradually Progress to reach your goal
  • Designed by a Pelvic Physical Therapist
  • Medical Grade Silicone & BPA Free
  • Used in Academy of Pelvic Health Training Courses

A Word From Dr. Amanda
Our Dilators are carefully made to provide maximum comfort and ease of use to women experiencing pain. Our unique finish is specifically designed for easier entry and exit, and to protect the delicate and sensitive skin.


Dr. Amanda has assembled some really helpful videos for everyone from beginners, to seasoned pro’s. Your support after purchase includes best care practices and access to our extensive video archives, featuring videos like these.


Use Intimate Rose Vaginal DilatorsWith Dr.Amanda Olson DPT,PRPC

Intimate Rose Individual Dilators Customer Fold PDF

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