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The ASO EVO ankle stabilizer is an EVOlutionary step forward in ankle protection. With its new strapping and cuff design, the ASO EVO provides even greater inversion / eversion control and protection against syndesmotic ankle sprains than the original ASO. In addition, the dynamic cuff has been upgraded to offer superior comfort and support.
Dynamic Cuff
Excess material has been removed from the internal plastic cuff to enhance the circumferential compression around the distal tibiofibular joint. In addition, the dynamic cuff is now lined with CoolFlex padding for improved comfort and Skinloc material to resist distal migration.
Stirrup & Stabilizing Straps
Inner stirrup strap is redirected through slots in the dynamic cuff and continues outside the boot to form the stabilizing straps which better capture the calcaneus (heel) and resist inversion or eversion of the ankle to help stabilize the talocrural and subtalar joints.
CoolFlex Achilles Pad & Tongue
CoolFlex padding contains spandex fiber to provide superior comfort along the Achilles tendon and dorsum of foot. The shoe lace is attached to the bottom of the tongue for ease of application.
Hidden Seam
For improved comfort and durability, the seam is now positioned along the rear portion of the boot.  There is no longer a seam under the foot.
• Inversion or eversion ankle sprains
• Syndesmotic ankle sprains (high ankle sprains)
• Medial or lateral ankle instability
• Subtalar joint instability

ASO EVO – Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

When measuring your Ankle Circumference, please refer to the image.


Bilateral design fits left or right foot
Size Black White Ankle Circ
X-Small 264091 264081 10″ – 11″
Small 264092 264082 11″ – 12″
Medium 264094 264084 12″ – 13″
Large 264095 264085 13″ – 14″
X-Large 264096 264086 14″ – 15″
XX-Large 264097 264087 15″ – 16
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